KIT Portals no longer updated

KIT Portals no longer updated

Because of funding cuts and the subsequent major reorganization at KIT, the department Information & Library Services (ILS), including the KIT Library, ceases all operations.

As a consequence, KIT Portals and Dossiers are no longer updated. Some of the portals are still accessible though:

The portals that are no longer accessible:

  • Governance & HIV and AIDS
  • Rural Innovation Systems
  • Gender Equity in Certified Chains
  • Rural Decentralization and Local Governance
  • Value Chains for Development
  • Librarianship in the South
  • Culture for Development Directory
  • Gender, Citizenship and Governance

Knowledge departments remain operational (see our home page)
KIT’s knowledge departments in the fields of sustainable economic development, gender, health and education, biomedical research, intercultural communication and management will continue operating. These departments aim to be able to function without base funding from the government as from 2016. More information on KIT's reorganization.