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    What are the mission and objectives of the portals?

    KIT portals provide access to selected, free Internet resources, including articles, reports, websites, news, and events. The topics covered reflect the diverse areas of expertise of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT).

    KIT portals aim to:

    • achieve adequate levels of completeness within selected sets of Internet resources;
    • contribute significantly to the effective use of Internet resources and communication methods by professional target groups;
    • establish themselves as a platforms for sharing digital information among the professional target groups; and,
    • encourage feedback from the targeted professionals to further improve both portals and portal services.


    How can I contribute to a portal?

    You may contribute to a portal of your interest in the following ways:

    • bring to our notice new domain- or subdomain-level websites, from which to select new documents, resources, news, and events. You will find a "Suggest a Resource" link on every portal home page.
    • alert us to relevant electronic documents, resources, news, and events;
    • suggest new services for our portal that you would find useful or suggest improvements to existing services; or,
    • recommend any other type of improvement.


    Where do I find the search help?

    The search help can be found here. You may find the following clarifications useful.

    Refining your search

    The most common way of improving your search results is by typing more search terms in the search box. Alternatively you may refine your results by clicking on the links for Author name, Year of Publication, Region, and Source type. The successive refine filters appear just below the search box. If you are not happy with the results you may click on the "Reset" link. You must follow the "More information" link if you wish to refine your results by clicking on one of the keywords (drawn from UNBIS). Alternatively, you could use the Advanced Search interface.

    Sorting your results

    You may sort your results by selecting a sorting option from the drop-down menu at the top of your results. The sorting options are: "Date of addition", "Author / Organization", "Source type", and "Title". As there may be more than one author for each publication, the number of results is very likely be higher when you sort for Author / Organization than when you sort for Date of addition or Title.

    For more search tips you are referred to the help text. Alternatively, you may use the Quicklinks on the individual portal homepages to obtain overviews of portal subthemes. In most portals you will find dossiers to provide a general introduction to one or more subthemes. If so, they are listed in the right sidebar.

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This information portal provides access to selected free, full-text electronic documents on women’s political participation & representation, women’s rights, institutional mainstreaming, and decentralization & local governance. Find your resources in the database, and stay up to date as well by following us on Facebook.


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Women in search of citizenship: experiences from West Africa.
This book, by Ayesha Imam and Evelien Kamminga, provides insights into what gender inclusive citizenship means as a practice. It shares the experiences of women in local communities devising ways to exercise their citizenship.


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