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By entering search terms into the search box (see sidebar) you can search metadata (see search options below) or full-text (default) or both. The results are displayed in lists of 10/page. You can sort the results by relevance, date of addition, author/organization, source type (e.g. e-publication, website, e-journal etc.), title, or year of publication. On the left-hand side you can refine for year of publication, region or country, or author.
In the search results, click on the title to directly access a publication or click on the short summary for additional bibliographic information. = report broken link. Each search result looks like this:

Search options

Colour code: command, example, explanation

  • public health use quotes to find a phrase rather than separate words
  • poverty AND millennium finds both words. AND is the default operator, so poverty millennium gives the same result.
  • poverty OR millennium finds either word
  • poverty (alleviation OR reduction) use parantheses to prioritize part of your query
  • title:"HIV and AIDS" finds e-publications, websites etc. with these words in the title
  • keyword:"popular participation" finds items with these words or terms in the keywords. Find keywords by conducting general searches first and checking in the results.
  • region:"Africa south of Sahara" finds results with this country or regional name in the keywords
  • organize* is interpreted as organize, organizer, organizing, or organization etc.

Avoid empty spaces in field searches (title:, keyword: etc.). Always use lowercase for field labels in your query. You can combine different types of searching. For more options, go to Advanced search options.

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The Value Chains for Development portal provides access to selected free, full-text electronic documents on pro-poor value chains. Find your resources in the database, and stay up to date as well by following us on Twitter and Facebook.


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The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) promotes pro-poor VC4D - Value Chains for Development - approaches in agricultural and rural development in the South. Read our fact sheet


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